Sharing Commons Spring – With ….. Michel Bauwens Barcelona 21st March 2013

The seminar “A day with … Michel Bauwens” is part of the broader program Sharing Commons Spring Barcelona March 2013 celebrated in occasion of Michel Bauwens (P2P Foundation) visit to Barcelona 20th & 21st of March 2013.
It is brought to you collaboratively by IGOP – UAB, OuiShare, Spanish Chapter of the Open Knowledge Foundation, with the support of BCN The Lab.

# P2P

March 21th


10 – 18:30h
@ Escola del IGOP. Urrutia, 17. 08042 Barcelona. +34 648877748

Seminar addressed to those already working on P2P topics. Limited participation to 20 people (Please subscrive here).

Organized by IGOPNET (area of commons, Internet & politics of the Institute of government and public policies – Autonomous University of Barcelona) in collaboration with OuiShare, the School of the commons of Catalonia (Escola dels Commons), the Spanish Chapter of the Open Knowledge Foundation, Amical Viquipedia (TBC) and Free Knowledge Institute.

10:00h  Global overview by Michel Bauwens

Moderator: Mayo Fuster Morell

The agenda of the day will be finalized on the basis of the interest of the participants attending the seminar. In this regard, participants will be asked to suggest the key topics and issues that they would like to be addressed. Those suggested will be grouped and the day agenda finalized on the basis of participants interest.

Participants write up & present each key question to be addressed during the day. Each particpants present him/her self and present its key questions (by irving at dresshead online). Mapping the question into cluster of issue (politics or economics)

11 – 11:30h Coffe break

11:30 – 1:30h Economics & Sustainability

Moderator: Javier Creus

13:30 – 15h Lunch @ Cibernarium (one minute walk through the park). Lunch menu cost 10 Euros or optional to bring a tupperware from home.

15h – 16:30h Politics: Transition strategy – What do we do?

Moderator: Marco Berlinguer

16:30 – 17h Tea break

17 – 18 Wrap up session: You take & informations to share

Moderator: Wouter Tebbens

Suggested reading materials: Blueprint for P2P Society: The Partner State & Ethical Economy

19h – Conference: Institutions for/of the commons. State & Commons: An impossible match?. Reflections from a worldwide perspective by Michael Bauwens 

* Introduction & moderates: Mayo Fuster Morell (IGOPNET)
* Introduction of OKFN – ES Javier Creus
* Introduction Amical Viquipedia
* Speech by Michel Bauwens
* Interactive:”’ Hangout hosted by OKFN-ES

(Traducción simultánea al castellano a peticion)

Address: Escola de polítiques socials i urbanes. Urrutia, 17. 08042 Barcelona.

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