About the reform of the Spanish Intellectual Property Law

By Jorge L. Salcedo

(New blog article by Mayo Fuster and Jorge L. Salcedo «De la Ley Sinde a la de Propiedad Intelectual: menos libertad en la red, ¿menor movilización?». At Interferencias – eldiario.es)

On February 14th 2014, the Spanish Council of Ministers approved the draft Reform Act of the Intellectual Property Law, which the Parliament will be discussing in the coming months. Among the new elements of this draft reform is the so-called “Google tax ” to be paid by aggregators to news publishers; tougher penalties against violators of Intellectual Property Law; a greater supervision of the work done by management entities and a greater power for the so-called Intellectual Property Commission. There is no recognition of licenses other than copyright.

As part of our project “Information, culture and knowledge: New Citizens’ practices, new public policies“, at IGOPnet we are watching this controversy closely. The following chart shows the activity, on Twitter, of the central actors in this dispute, between 14 and 17 February 2014 (size reflects Page Rank). Unlike what we observed during the mobilization against the Sinde Law in December 2010 ( Salcedo , 2012) – which involved various actors from civil society, political parties, civil platforms and multiple bloggers -, the actors and the most central participants in the current controversy surrounding the reform of the Intellectual Property Law are more linked to technology, they are a bit more geeky.


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