Benkler Barcelona 25 Feb 2015


Commons, public space network and geopolitics of Internet Presentation of the book «The Wealth of Networks» by Yochai Benkler

(Spanish translation will be provided TRADUCCION AL CASTELLANO ONLINE)

Can we gain an economy, politics and society of the commons? Idea of the Commons and the Future of Capitalism. The political importance of CBPP and its very strong continued relevance.

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Talk by Yochai Benkler @CCCB Feb 25 18:30-20:30

Presented by Mayo Fuster Morell

Moderator: Joan Subirats

Row 0 (P2P promotors or experts invited): Floren Cabello (Traducciones procomun), Nuria Alabao (La Hidra), Lorena Fuster (Tramod UB: Trajectories of modernity), Liliana Arroyo (Eticas), Anna Monjo (ICARIA Editorial), Josep Lladós Masllorens (Director IN3), Ramon Roca  and Josep Jordana (, Andreu Meixide (BccN Barcelona Creative Commons Film Festical), Ismael Peña-López (UOC), Jorge Salcedo, Wouter Tebbens, Rubén Martínez and Marco Berlinguer (, Samer Hassan (GRASIA/UAB and P2Pvalue), Leandro Navarro (CONFINE and,  David Laniado (Dcent), Eduard Aibar (UOC), David Gomez (Amical Wikmedia), Javier Creus (Pentagrowth), Karma Peiró Rubio and Ignasi Alcalde (OKFN Spain), Concha Catalan (, Guillermo Rojo (XES – Solidarian Economy Network), Maria Garcia Perulero (Goteo), Juanlu Sanchez (, Quim Guitart (, Peter Matjasic (Open Society Foundations), Leda Guidi (Iperbole – civic network and digital agenda of Bologna City Council), Valentina Bazzarin, Alejandro Perez and Jordi Bonet (Podem Cat), Sir Jaron Rowan (BAU), Francisco Jurado (Democracia 4.0), Tomas Diez (BCN Fab Lab), Sol Polo (FAD / Design Beats), Elisenda Ardèvol (Mediaccions UOC), Ignasi Labastida (Creative Commons), Arnau Monterde (Tecnopolítica de l’IN3), Monica Garriga (CitiznesSqKm), Nacis Vives (,  Joan Batlle (Barcelona Lab), Gloria Molins (, Mar Alarcón (

among others.

Madrid streammed connection: Marcos Garcia (Commons Lab/Laboratorio del Procomun (Media Lab Prado), Victor Sampedro (Máster CCCD), Pablo Ojanguren and Antonio Tenorio Fornés (GRASIA/UAB and P2Pvalue).

Conference on occasion of the publication of the work in Spanish  “The Wealth of Networks” (published  in Spanish by Icaria Editorial).

When? 25 February 2015 From 18:30 to 20:30 talk. The event will continue in a networking meet up.



CCCB – Montalegre, 5 – 08001 Barcelona

Classroom 1 (Limited capacity)

Afterword (20:30 onward) there will be a networking meet up at CCCBar.

Madrid: There will be an streaming of the event organized by Media Lab Prado (Plaza de las Letras. Calle Alameda, 15. 28014 Madrid). Participants in Madrid will be able to send questions for the debate.

Online: Streaming will be provided from this same website (


Expanded debate on Identica/Twitter: #Commons

Organization: Organized by, European project, CCCB Lab.

Collaboration: Ed. Icaria, Commons Lab/Laboratorio del Procomun and Máster CCCD (Media Lab Prado), Traducciones procomun, Communia

Support: Spanish Chapter of the Open Knowledge Foundation, Open Society Foundation  Initiative for Europe

◾ Resources on Benkler work:

Benkler’s website

Review of Benkler’s work in occasion of the publication of “La Riqueza de las reded” by Mayo Fuster Morell EnglishCastellano –  Catala

Index of “La riqueza de las redes” (Spanish version of The wealth of networks), and introduction by Floren Cabello and Andoni Alonso, and foreword by Mayo Fuster Morell (Castellano)

Yochai Benkler is a professor at theFaculty of Law and co-director of the Berkman Center for Internet and Society at Harvard University. He is the author of the book – recently published by Icaria in Spanish – “The Wealth of Networks” benchmark studies Internet and society. His work examines the ways in which information technologies allow extensive forms of collaboration can have transformative consequences for the economy and society

The research Benkler is developed in three areas connected. On the one hand, “peer production based on the common good” as collaborative initiatives of free software that Wikipedia is becoming the emerging production model and reference. On the other hand, introduced the concept of public space network, and analyzes to what extent is the process of transforming public policy and political mobilization. Finally, an expert on Internet policy and architecture to new technologies. Through these lines of work explores the hypothesis of the emergence of a third organizational model commons, which would break the pairing state – market, and would favor greater centrality and empowerment of civil society as an agent.

From these key reading Benkler incorporate elements to understand the change of time in Spain.

Mayo Fuster Morell is a researcher at the Institute of Government and Public Policy at the Autonomous University of Barcelona and the Berkman Center for Internet and Society at Harvard University. One expert in the governance of communities based on collaborative production between equals. P2Pvalue directs research on conditions that favor the creation of value in the production network. One member of the Open Knowledge Foundation and the Wikimedia Foundation.

Joan Subirats Humet is professor of Political Science at UAB and researcher at the Institute of Government and Public Policy at the University Autonoma of Barcelona. Hir areas of research include public policy analysis, democratic innovation, public participation and local and regional government. He has published numerous books, including the Spanish Urban Policies (2011) and sociedad Otra, otra ¿politics? “Not to represent us” democracy of the policy.

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