Data Jam


The P2Pvalue Project questions the value emerging from practices peer to peer, peer production models that are governed under principles determined by digital communities. On March the 12th we will hold a Data Jam for the P2Pvalue project. We will present the directory we have developed in the initial stage of the research and will invite everyone to participate by adding new cases based on P2P principles.

The P2Pvalue directory holds more than a hundred cases of CBPP (Community Based Peer Production) such as Wikipedia, Free Software communities, platforms for collective research, citizen journalism, peer to peer financing, etc. All information stored in the directory can be downloaded in various formats, allowing derivative uses. The Data Jam is an intensive day to publish experiences CBPP from different contexts, to contribute to the directory with new cases and to make it more useful as an open tool for other users and research purposes.

In Barcelona, ??we will be 10.30am to 15pm at ZZZINC (C / San Vicente, 33) and from 15h Lleialtat numero 6. There will be internet access and space to work. Alongside with introducing data at the directory, there will be presentations of cases (, at a channel live streaming using hangout.

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