Project “Information, culture and knowledge: New citizen practices, new public policies?” founded by the “Programa Nacional de Investigación fundamentada, VI Plan Nacional de I+D+I” Spanish Government, Grant CSO 2012-37851

The project Information, culture and knowledge: new citizen practices, new public policies has developed different databases and reports for the analysis of the public policies controversies “Ley Sinde”; “Ley La Salle”. Most of the databases include information from a period long enough to obtain reliable data and results about the dynamics of the controversy.

The construction of these databases provide a new tool for the study of intellectual property controversy and issue framing in Spain, and for developing in a near future a comparative analysis about intellectual property and free knowledge controversy among countries. These databases are a point of departure that seeks to increase our understanding about public policy controversies on the Web and transmedia studies.

All these databases in the same philosophical line of the project are licensed under Creative Commons Attribution Share Alike 4.0 International, as found in here

Below, we can get the data bases about policy actors that have been part of the controversy about the intellectual property act, the called Ley Lassalle

Hyperlinks network

We used the issue crawler[1] to get the data, the seeds were defined by documentary analysis during march of 2013 and was and update of the seeds used by Salcedo (2012)[2]

In the link below, you can find a folder with all the networks obtained during May-December 2013, there are 33 networks with their specific dates.

In the same folder it is the list of seeds used to launch the crawlers as well as an Index of all the crawlers names and their dates. Also the networks are available on the Issuecrawler server, whit this index yo can find more easily the files. (you can read on Gephi).

download here.

 Google News, Blogs and Google

Data Base, number of results and links based on Google News, Google and Yahoo News. (You can read on any spreadsheet)

download here.

TEMPORAL LINE (Google News, Blogs and Google results)

see here.

Files with the links of Blogs results about the controversy. (during March –September 2013)

download here


This is the search query (“#CanonAEDE OR #LPI OR #TasaGoogle OR #LeyLasalle OR “ley de propiedad Intelectual” OR “Ley Sinde”). Because of the complexity and the economic cost in terms of storage and access to historical data of Twitter we focus our attention on crucial moments of the debate to compare the visibility of policy actors on different periods of the controversy as well as compare the most visible actors in twitter with other channels or spheres. This allow us to analyse the evolution of the controversy, to contrast our data we use also data from TOPSY, a company which has access to Twitter firehose.

Here it is the network of tweets about the controversy on February 14th 2014-February 24th 2014. We began with the approval of the bill in the ministry council. (the file format is a grapml ,you can read in Gephi).

download here.

Here is the set of the most relevant tweets (according to Twitter, all the users are with their Klout index) during October 2013 and December 2011.

download here

Here is the issue network in Twitter during the Goya operation in February 13th 2011 (format NodeXL)

download here

Here is a sample of the issue network of the called Ley Sinde January 27st 2011 (format NodeXL)

download here

Here is a sample of the issue network of the called Ley Sinde when PP, PSOE and CIU achieved an agreement to approve the bill -January 25th 2011- (format NodeXL)

download here 

Here is a sample of the issue network when the called Ley Sinde was rejected by the parliament in first debate. (format NodeXL)

download here

The most influential actor on the Sinde Law. (Getting by TOPSY)

download here (you can read on any spreadsheet)



[1] (01/01/2014)

[2] (01/01/2014)

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