Here we present some of the materials developed during the project “Information, culture and knowledge: new citizen practices, new public policies,  we developed different databases and reports for the analysis of the public policies controversies “Ley Sinde”; “Ley La Salle”

All these material  in the same philosophical line of the project are licensed under Creative Commons Attribution Share Alike 4.0 International, as found in


Some of the presentations that we did in the framework of the project

  • Presentation with Barcelona Media October 20th of 2013. Here
  • Big Data Week , May 8th of 2014. CCCB. World Wide Event, transmitted in streaming. Here
  • EPSA_Conference_, Edimburg UK, June 20th.2014. Here
  • Big Data Exhibition, September 19th .2014. Workshop about Big Data analysis in socio political phenomena. CCCB. Here
  • REPS_Conference_Barcelona, February 5th 2015.Here

Public Policy research reports and narratives

  • Internal research report about  transmedia analysis. Here we analyse Ley Sinde-Ley Lasalle and Snowden in Spain, mainly in Twitter but also analysing Blogs and news. (Data frame October 2012-October 2013). Here.
  • Narrative about the main features of the Ley Lasalle. Here
  • Narrative about the chronology of the called Ley Lasalle.Here
  • Narrative about what is called the Gallardon Code, specifically its consequences on the Internet practices and copyright infringement. Here
  • Narrative about the Prism debate. Here
  • Here the  network of tweets of NSA_PRISM debate in October 2013 Download here  (You must open with NodeXL)


Some interviews recordings with key actors involved in the controversy. ( the quality is not the best) Under request.

  • Carlos Sanchéz Almeida (Lawyer specialist in intellectual property on the Web) June 27th 2013 in Barcelona
  • Julio Alonso founder and director of WebBlogs. July 11th of 2013.
  • David Bravo (Lawyer specialist in intellectual property on the Web) July 31st 2013

All this research was founded with the support of “Programa Nacional de Investigación fundamentada, VI plan nacional de I+D+I” Spanish Government, grant CSO 2012-37851 in the project “New citizen practices, new public policies?

How to cite:   All users that employ data or materials of this project should include a note citing the source as it Fuster Morell, Mayo & Jorge L Salcedo grant 2012-37851 project “New citizen practices, new public policies?” “Programa Nacional de Investigación fundamentada, VI plan nacional de I+D+I” Spanish Government.



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