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Mayo Fuster Morell is currently a postdoctoral researcher at IGOP and member of IGOP since 2005. Additionally, she is fellow at the Berkman Center for Internet and Society at Harvard University. In 2010, she concluded her PhD thesis at the European University Institute in Florence on the governance of common-based peer production, and have numerous publications in the field. She is the principal investigator of IGOPnet for the European project Techno-social platform for sustainable models and value generation in commons-based peer production in the Future Internet and Information, culture and knowledge: New citizens’ practices, new public policies. A case comparison of Spain and United States (Sinde Law versus SOPA Law) of the Spanish National Research program. She is Board member of the European project on Digital Social Innovation. She is currently a member of the steering committee of the Internet and Politics Standing group of the European Consortium of Political Science (ECPR); a member of the Research Committee of the Wikimedia Foundation; Amical Viquipedia (linked to Catalan Viquipedia) and of Cosmos – Consortium of social movements studies at the European University Institute. She is advosary board of the Open Knowledge Festival 2012 and Board Member of the Spanish Chapter of the Open Knowledge Foundation. She collaborates with the P2P Foundation. In 2011, she was visiting scholar at the Internet Interdisciplinary Institute (Open University of Catalonia). In 2008, she was visiting researcher at the School of Information of the University of California Berkeley (sponsored by Howard Rheingold) and provided teaching assistance at the Communication Department Stanford University. She writes for the blog Interferencias at the Spanish Newspaper

She is director or co-director of the ongoing PhD thesis:

Pedro Jacobetty (UOC). Research Project:Faceless Dissent: Anonymous Politics, Practice and Discourse.
Jofre Rodrigo Aribau (IGOP-UAB). Research project:The custody of the commons: Analysis of land management as a strategy for building the commons. 

The custody of the commons: Analysis of land management as a strategy for building the commons.

She writes for the blog Interferencias at
@Lilaroja Web  E-mail mayo.fuster(at)

Joan Subirats Humet is Professor Joan Subirats is currently a Professor of Political Science and Researcher and Director of the PhD Program of the Institute of Government and Public Policy at the Autonomous University of Barcelona. His research fields include Policy Analysis, Democratic Innovation, Public Participation and local and regional government. Professor Subirats has been a visiting scholar at the University of California at Berkeley, at CIDE-México, at New York University, at the University of Rome, and  Prince of Asturias Distinguished Visiting Professor at Georgetown University (2002-2003). He has published many books including Spanish Urban Policies (2011), Public Policy Analysis and Management (2008), Poverty and social exclusion in Spain (2004), Twenty years of Autonomies in Spain. Laws, Public Policies, Institutions and Public Opinion (2002), Territory and Governance (2001).

@subirats9  Web  E-mail joan.Subirats(at)


P2Pvalue European project

Rubén Martínez is researcher and professor of public policy and culture and of innovation, culture and industry. He is developing his PhD thesis at the Institute of Government and Public Policy at the Autonomous University of Barcelona on the relations between social innovation and the commons. Member and co-fundator of ZZZINC, a cultural innovation platform based on Barcelona, and of Metropolitan Observatory of Barcelona.

@RubenMartinez  Web  E-mail ruben(at)

Marco Berlinguer is researcher on new forms of economy particularly in the intersection between social economy and the knowledge and information economy. In this context, he contributed to the creation of the “Escuela de los commons”, an open platform of horizontal exchange and cooperation on the emerging paradigm of the commons.

Email marco.berlinguer(at)


Jorge L Salcedo is researcher and consultant on the visibility of policy actors on the Web. He has advanced training in using digital data to analyse social and political phenomena. One of his main areas of interest and research is social media and collective action.He concluded his PhD dissertation about visibility of policy actors on the Web and intellectual property debate on internet, at the Universitat Autónoma de Barcelona. In 2010 he was visiting scholar at the Oxford Internet Institute. His master thesis was about cooperation and collective action on FOSS communities. He has been member of different research projects about the Internet and political effects.

Email JorgeLuis.Salcedo(-at-) and jorgelsalcedo(-at-)

Joan Miro Artigas is 4th year student of Political Science and Public Administration at UAB. As a student in practices, he is helping the IGOPnet’s group in its research activity and public dissemination of the results.

Email: joanmiroartigas(at)

CONFINE European project


Mònica Garriga Miret is a researcher in Communications, Media and Community Networks. She is exploring the use of mobile and GIS technologies to foster transformation, through education, local government and civic engagement. Together with ‘Itinerarium’ (Information Technology and Services), she is developing the ‘CitizenSqKm’ experiment within the CONFINE European project. A former foreign correspondent in Australia and the South Pacific, she has a background in Law; International Relations; and Media, Communications and MultiPlatform. Her master thesis was about ethnic community’s perceptions regarding the use of media to develop an institutionalised philosophy of multiculturalism in Australia. She is a partner at media140, innovator in developing global communities through engaging events, exhibitions and experiences.

@mogams Email: monicagarrigamiret(at)

Youth, Internet & Participation project 

Marco Berlinguer, Ruben Martinez, Jorge Salcedo and Pablo Rey.

Nuria Vila Alabao Bachelor of Journalism from Universitat Pompeu Fabra, Barcelona. Master Degree in Social and Cultural Anthropology from the Universitat de Barcelona. Currently writing a PhD thesis on cultural practices and the politicization of youth from the Caracas slums (by hernandez at dh online). Member of the Research Group on Social Exclusion and Social Control, Universitat de Barcelona.


Adrià Rodríguez  Degree in Fine Art, interested in videoactivism and the importance of imaginaries an technopolitics in the new social movements. I participate in the Fundación de los Comunes network, as part of the Observatorio Metropolitano de Barcelona. I also participate in the european network of movements Agora99 and in the #GRRN (Global Revolution Reseach Network). I am developing an audiovisual archive called Project Kairós, on the struggles and movements that are springing up throughtout the Mediterranean.


Jordi Bonet

Eduardo  Moreno

Management and Communication

Web master
Pablo Rey Mazón is the web developer of (as part of Montera34). He is also a collaborator on ICTs supporting innovative forms of research development.

@numeroteca Web: Email: pablo(at-dam-spam-robots)

Translations and text corrections: Rosa Gregori (translations English / Spanish and Catalan) (ro.gregori(at), Anna Fornes (translations Spanish / Catalan), and Victor Guillamon (Spanish corrections).

With the support of the management team and direction IGOP.

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