Innovation and quality of democracy

Funding Institution: Subdirección General de Fomento de la Calidad Democrática.
Team at IGOPnet: Mayo Fuster Morell (IP) and Jorge L Salcedo M

Has changed the configuration of the Catalan politics and media practices as a result of the growing use of social media?

Social media increasingly become more important as media and social policy in general and Catalonia in developed countries. Currently more than 65% of its population using the Internet and 41% are connected to a social network (Fundacc 2013). The question is to (1) identify what issues are a priority on social media, specifically Twitter, limiting the analysis to the issues with political content; (2) explain the interconnection between the topics on Twitter and politics interventions (by analyzing the parliament plenaries); (3) explain the interconnection between the themes expressed through Twitter and expressed and the mainstream media (measured through the Twitter API and analyzing newspaper La Vanguardia, El Periódico,El Àra, El diari Avui and the Catalan News Agency). From then analyzed to what extent the use of social media helps to diversify the issues expresed by regional deputies making this more pluralistic and representative; and to what extent it is an instrument that serves to facilitate discussion between groups with opposing ideological positions, or otherwise contributes to greater isolation between groups with similar preferences. In this sense, this work represents the start of an ambitious project aimed at more long-term analysis of the impact of social media on the functioning of democracy.

Here we present some of the data and the previous results generates in the project.

All these databases in the same philosophical line of the project are licensed under Creative Commons Attribution Share Alike 4.0 International, as found in here.

At this moment the project has present a paper on the world congress  Shaping the Future of News Media, the International Conference on Integrated Journalism Education, Research and Innovation analysing the fragmentation and mobilization during 25N of 2012 across different media. Here the paper.

Also we coordinate and present advances of the project on the panel digital methods of the Spanish Political Association. AECPA



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